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Effluent management

  1. STORAGE - 'Stocko' valve allowing to use the network as a temporary storage place by regulating the flow over long distances. 'Fuse' valve used to discharge a network when the effluents reach a certain level. These tools have a reservation allowing the level dry weather to flow. Documentation
  2. WASHING - Valve storing rainwater up to a given level to release the effluents that by a flood wave effect clean a storage structure or network. Documentation
  3. PROTECTION 1- Deomatic: Double-acting valve placed in storm weir structures. It protects the natural environment to a certain threshold by preventing the discharge of sewage and dirty water into rivers. It protects the networks by preventing flood waters from entering the structures. Documentation
  4. PROTECTION 2- Technical valves to protect a network or a structure against an intrusion of effluents coming from another network or from the natural environment (floods). These valves are used for networks of smaller section. Documentation